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Sticky Traps for Cockroaches
Agrisense-BCS is a major developer and manufacturer of bio-rational insect pest monitoring products, distributed throughout Australia by Entosol Australia Pty Ltd. Over 90 % of AgriSense products are exported from the UK to all five continents and the company has received the prestigious Queens Award for exports twice, most recently in 1997.

The company has specialized in the development of sticky traps for cockroaches, using its expertise in insect glue technology, trap design and chemical attractants.

Cockroach sticky traps are small, easily used devices with an adhesive base and attractant lure, designed to trap and retain crawling insects. Sticky traps can help the professional pest control operator work in the most effective and efficient way. They also help meet the ever increasing expectations of customers for higher standards, and the requirement to use less insecticide in the environment.

Sticky traps can provide some of the following advantages to the professional pest control operator:

More effective than night inspections, and saves time
Provides specimens for identification, and no catch means no insecticide
Pinpoints insect harbourages
Inspires customer confidence
Permits use where insecticides are unacceptable
Sets standards of control, or "action levels"

AgriSense manufacture plastic glue pads designed for use with permanent insect detector stations. These thin, flexible pads are coated on one side with cockroach adhesive and covered with a siliconised quick release paper, enabling easy replacement of spent pads in detector stations.

The pads are banded in 100's and come in boxes of 2,000. There is also substantial evidence which shows that trap effectiveness is increased significantly, particularly where population levels are low, by the use of attractant lures.

AgriSense attractant tablets last up to 8 weeks after opening, and contain both a food attractant and a mimic of the cockroach aggregation pheromone which entices cockroaches into the trap.

This pheromone is usually found on the cockroach cuticle and in droppings, and gathers cockroaches together during periods of rest. It is believed to act as a kind of "communal sign- post" on their return from feeding.

Though non-toxic, for added safety the tablets also contain Bitrex to discourage children and pets from eating them. The tablets are 13 mm diameter and are supplied in blister packs of 10 tablets, with boxes of 100 blister packs.


For further information on any of the above please don't hesitate to contact us or visit the AgriSense Website


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